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October 25-27, 2023 | North Carolina, U.S.A.

Call for Abstracts

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The World Anti-Bullying Forum is an international and multidisciplinary forum whose purpose is to broaden our understanding of bullying, harassment, discrimination, ostracism, and other forms of violence among and against children and youth. The forum is a setting for multidisciplinary dialogues, panels, and meetings aimed at improving our understanding of bullying in all settings where children spend time and the efforts to stop and prevent it. The World Anti-Bullying Forum invites perspectives from different disciplines and areas such as (but not limited to) developmental and social psychology, sociology, social anthropology, education, gender studies, media studies, social work, health sciences, public health, childhood studies, political science, philosophy, and criminology. The World Anti-Bullying Forum also provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss bullying in relation to societal and educational issues such as equality and equity, social emotional learning, rights and responsibilities, school climate, inclusion, exclusion, identity-based discrimination, etc. If research-based knowledge is shared among those who work with and for children, and those who influence children’s living conditions, we have a better chance of effective bullying prevention. Therefore, the World Anti-Bullying Forum is a place for dialogue among researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, and policy-makers.


● Abstract Submissions Open: October 17, 2022

● Submissions Due: December 15, 2022

● Registration Opens: January 2023

● Notification of Abstract Outcome: February 2023

● Deadline for Accepted Authors to Register: May 2023

● Conference Dates: October 25-27, 2023

Submission Process

To submit an abstract, presenting authors are required to create a Cvent account. Please keep the email and password used to create the account for future use. Please do not create a new account. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by email.

                ● The presenting author must submit the abstract and is required to be the corresponding author for that abstract.

                ● Abstracts must be submitted in English.

                ● You do not need to register for the conference prior to submitting an abstract; however, following acceptance into the program you must register by May XX, 2023. (UPDATE TO COME)

Presentation Types

An abstract can be submitted for presentation at the conference as one of the following categories:

               ● Oral paper presentation

               ● Poster presentation

               ● Symposium

               ● Workshop

Please note, during the review stage, the program committee may change the presentation type submitted by the author to ensure the continuity of the conference program (i.e., oral paper presentation may be changed to poster presentation OR poster presentation to oral presentation). The presenting author will be notified of any change to their submitted presentation type at the acceptance notification stage. The decision of the program committee is final.

Instructions on the timings and duration of oral paper presentations and the format of posters will be provided in the acceptance notification which will be issued in February, 2023.


Oral Paper Presentation

Completed or advanced research projects that present theoretical insights and/or practical implications or discusses a practice or policy related to addressing bullying. Each presenter will be provided with a time slot that will be 15-20 in length in a 50-minute session with two other speakers.

Poster Presentation

Case studies of research, or a practice or policy related to addressing bullying. Accepted posters will be asked to produce a poster for display both at the conference and in the digital forum platform. When producing their poster presenters are asked to take note of guidelines.


Symposia are focused sessions in which multiple speakers present information related to a unifying topic that is viewed to be a significant common theme, issue, or question. The presentations generally include a review of data but may also include discussions of contrasting viewpoints or other innovative strategies for engaging the audience. This session format should include an introduction to the topic by an expert, someone who can set context and offer background for why the session topic is important. This can be the chairperson. Symposia will be 50 minutes in length, so a chair/discussant and the maximum of three presenters is suggested.


Opportunity for a group of delegates to be engaged in discussion and activity on a particular topic related to addressing bullying. A workshop can feature educational material, policy development, promising practices, applied research or the sharing of experience.


Please choose up to three keyword from the list below to best describe your abstract:

       ● Theoretical perspectives

       ● Participant roles in bullying

       ● Teachers/Educators

       ● Parents

       ● Bias or identity-based bullying

       ● Risk or protective factors

       ● Outcomes of bullying

       ● Measurement issues

       ● School bullying

       ● Preschool and infant school

       ● Cyberbullying and online safety

       ● Bullying in sports

       ● Sibling bullying

       ● Bullying and other forms of violence

       ● Bullying prevention

       ● Reactive strategies

      ● Children’s rights

      ● Victim support

      ● Migration and racism

      ● Sexual harassment

      ● Other

For more information and to submit your abstract, visit:


The 2023 World Anti-Bullying Forum is hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.