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NIJ: Mobile App for Reporting Student Behaviors Coupled with School Safety Curriculum Shows Promise (September 2022)

WRAL-RAL (NBC): NC Sheriff wants to Stock Schools with AR-15s for Resource Officers (August 2022)

WRAL-RAL (NBC): Are AR-15 rifles in schools the answer to limiting school violence? (August 2022)

Spectrum News: N.C. sheriff stocking schools with AR-15 rifles (August 2022)

NBC New York: North Carolina sheriff stocking schools with AR-15 rifles (August 2022)

APA: Dorothy Espelage has helped frame the national discussion of bullying in schools (August 2022)

APA: APA Division 15 Summer Policy Workshop (July 2022)

Coalition of National Researchers Release Violence Prevention Plan https://ViolencePreventionPlan (May 2022)

WRAL-RAL (NBC): (May 2022)

Spectrum News: (May 2022)

MedPageToday: Gay-Straight Alliances at School Cut Bullying for LGBTQ Youth (June, 2020)

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Being Safe in School-Lessons Learned (June, 2020)

MedPageToday: Bullying Preceded Many LGBTQ Youth Suicides (May, 2020)

EdNC: Perspective | Education Matters: Making our students and schools safer (January 2020)

CNN: Finland found a proven way to combat bullying. Here’s what it’ll take to make it work in the U.S. (August, 2017)

The Gazette (Colorado Springs): Investigation reveals hidden horrors of sex assaults by K-12 students (May, 2017)

Buzzfeed: The Kids are Alt-Right (June, 2017)

Crisis Prevention Institute: Research Scientist Dr. Dorothy Espelage Explains Five School Bullying Misperceptions (November, 2015)

American Educational Research Association: Dorothy Espelage Discusses AERA’s New Report on the Prevention of Bullying (August, 2013)

USA Today: Researchers: Stop using the word ‘bullying’ in school (April, 2013)

The Tribune (Chandiagarh, India): Bullies hang out with bullies (August, 2001) Could Finland’s Successful Anti-Bullying Strategy Work Here? 

Kidsinthehouse the Ultimate Parenting Resource: Meet Dorothy Espelage, PhD

Radio (May, 2022)

1A Podcast: (May, 2022)

WCHL Chapelboro: Navigating Social Media and Cyberbullying during a Pandemic (April, 2020)

NPR: Virginia Study Finds Increased School Bullying In Areas That Voted For Trump (January, 2019)

WBUR–NPR–Boston–Here and Now Show: How Is Bullying Linked To Violence In Society? (March, 2018)

SDPB Radio In the Moment: Dr. Dorothy Espelage On Bullying Prevention And Intervention (November, 2017)

BYU Radio: Long-term effects of Childhood Bullying (September, 2016)

APA: Putting an end to bullying and school violence (January, 2016) 

CPI Podcast Series: Unrestrained – Episode 22, Guest: Dr. Dorothy Espelage (November, 2015)

LATITUDE NEWS RADIO: How to beat America’s bullying “epidemic” (June, 2013)

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Good Morning America: Would you confront your child’s bully? Why one mom is facing epic backlash (May, 2018) 

Anderson Live: Dr. Dorothy Espelage on Bullying with Anderson Cooper (October, 2011)

Oprah: The Truth About Bullying (May, 2009)